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EAA Background

The European Auctioneers Association (

  • Aim

The purpose of European Auctioneers Association is to promote the use of auction sales as the best method for selling redundant/ surplus industrial & commercial equipment from within our region.

  • Professionalism

European Auctioneers Association ( is an organisation of like-minded Auctioneers who promote integrity in dealing with both buyers and sellers throughout the Region and the Rest of World.

Our membership is made up from the leading Auctioneers from within the European region.

  • Membership

Companies or Individuals who wish to apply for membership must have at least five years' experience in selling industrial or commercial equipment at auction. Members must operate an European business.

  • Past Events from 2016

Annual Alpine Ski Trip

Date: 28th February - Wednesday 3rd March 2016

Location: St Anton, Austria.   Hotel: Raffl's Tyrol

Annual Golf Day 

Date: Thursday 23rd June 2016
Location: Mottram Hall, Cheshire. UK

A huge thanks to all those of you who attended our first EAA golf day, what a fantastic start to the summer EAA event.  Due to the timing of the event it's now unofficially called the 'Brexit Golf Day'

Upcoming Events in 2017

Annual Alpine Ski Trip

Date: Sunday 5th March - Wednesday 8th March 2017

Location: St Anton, Austria.   Hotel: Raffl's Tyrol (TBC)

Annual Golf Day   2017
This year's Golf annual event was held in Gleneagles, thank to everybody who attended.

EAA Inaugural Annual Conference 2018 - Date  To Be Announced

The European Auctioneers Association (EAA) committee are delighted to announce the Inaugural Annual Conference to be held in 2018 at Palma de Mallorca.  Please contact David Brindley or Daniel Gray for more details.


  • Contacts

Full Members:

Daniel Gray (CAGP/ Bidpath) Email

David Brindley (CAGP/ Bidpath) Email

Daniel Kroger (Maynards) Email

Associate Member(s)

Heico Koch (Trade Machines) Email